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The WindFly Rig connects a kite or wing to a boat to drive the boat forward without making the boat heel over.

The WindFly Rig automatically adjusts to control heel as the kite or wing moves, no external control or energy input is required.

Without heel there is

  • No need for ballast;

  • No need to hike out;

  • No need for wide hulls or multihulls.

The WindFly Rig can be mounted so that leeway is avoided.

The WindFly Rig can be fitted to a yacht, dinghy, kayak, buggy or sledge. The WindFly Rig can be fitted to the transom of a motor boat in place of the outboard engine.

The WindFly Rig allows the kite or wing to be manually controlled from the cockpit. The WindFly Rig can be rigged so that the kite or wing is flown automatically without active control by the crew.

The WindFly Rig: 

  • Drives a vessel forwards or backwards;

  • Limits the maximum load that is applied to the vessel by the kite;

  • Automatically takes in slack to maintain tension in the kite lines;

  • Can be mounted on commercially available 'off the shelf' hulls;

  • Allows the foils to be raised for access to shallow water;

  • Includes a quick release system to separate the kite from the vessel.

Boats using the WindFly Rig are

  • Faster;

  • More stable;

  • More fun.


With the WindFly Rig

  • Boats can plane upwind as well as downwind;

  • Foiling boats are stable.



The WINDFLY Rig is simple, practical, fast and fun.

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