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The WindFly Rig principles were developed by Bruce Martin.  Bruce is a keen kitesurfer and sailor. The WindFly Rig brings these interests together to use a kite to drive a boat without heel or leeway (the rig also works for sledges and buggies). Physical prototypes of the WindFly Rig have been developed and tested by Assorted Projects Ltd.


The WindFly Rig has been developed through a series of prototypes to the current version which is designed to be mounted in place of an outboard motor on standard 'off the shelf' planing motor boats. This version of the WindFly Rig is currently undergoing sea trials. 

Collaborators are welcomed, whether working directly with Bruce or on parallel projects. If you plan to develop the WindFly Rig commercially: it is patented, get in touch and we can agree a way forward.

Please get in touch if you would like more information or to collaborate.


Thank you.

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