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Next steps

It would be great to see others build on the progress so far.  I'll be happy to collaborate or see others take it on independently. If you plan to develop the WindFly Rig commercially: it is patented, get in touch and we can agree a way forward.

I am continuing with my own version of the WindFly Rig. My next steps will be:

  • Continue sea trials with the current prototype of the WindFly Rig which is designed to be mounted in place of an outboard motor on small standard 'off the shelf' planing motor boats.​

(the trials will take some time as they require coordination of wind and tide with the diaries of crew, safety boat and me)

  • Test the automatic kite control system.

  • Improve the line tensioning and storage system.

  • Publicise.​

  • Collaborate.

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